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Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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How Quick Is Your Service?

Sign PostMan® has a two business day installation window, with the majority of installations being completed in one business day after utility locates have been completed thru Sunshine State One Call of Florida. Please note that this is a two business day window, and does not include weekends (Saturday or Sunday) or holidays.

What Areas Do We Cover?

Our CORE west Polk County SERVICE AREA includes all of Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City, Mulberry, Plant City, Polk City, Winter Haven. Our EXTENDED SERVICE AREA includes Hillsborough, Osceola and Orange Counties (FL). An additional trip charge applies for orders in our extended service areas.

Which Level Of Service Is Best For Me?

Gold (Sign post plus Panel Storage) – This service is for the person who wants the convenience of having Sign PostMan® store and hang their sign panels when the sign post is installed.


Platinum (Sign post installation plus sign panel and rider storage, sign rider clips on top of the post arm, and brochure box) – This service is for the individual or company who wants a lot of convenience with our FULL service sign post installation.

When Can I Place My Order?

On-line 24 hours a day! However, to get your order submitted for utility locating that day, it must be submitted on-line by 5:00 p.m. Orders placed after that time move to the next business day.

How Long Will The Post Remain At The Listing?

Our current rental period is until you sell the property, or the listing is cancelled, or the listing expires. You may extend your service past six months by contacting Sign PostMan® at orders@signpostman.com and telling us how much longer you will need the post. Sign PostMan® reserves the right to charge a “Post Rental Extension Fee” for posts remaining at a single address over six months. Sign PostMan® also reserves the right to remove a post, without notice, after the six month initial installation period if you have not contacted us to request an extension.

Can I Keep The Riders?

Just like our posts, riders supplied by Sign PostMan® for your signs are provided on a rental basis. If you keep the For Sale or other riders that we furnish, you will be charged an additional fee for the lost/missing riders.

How Is The Decision Made As To Where To Place A Sign Post?

We use several criteria: First, we do not want to damage underground utilities, so we avoid utility location indicators such as gas meters, telephone and cable junction boxes, and electrical transformers. Second, our installers are trained to select a location for the post where it will have the best visibility with the optimal “line of sight” exposure. This means that the longer your sign can be viewed from passing autos, the higher the probability it will be seen, remembered, and responded to. Third, post placement can also be influenced by the desire to avoid trees, and/or not to disturb the lawn or landscaping. Fourth, the property owner may desire a specific location for the post (see next question).

How Do I Request A Specific Location For My Post?

We request that you mark the location where you want to post with a flag or stick or other very obvious object. Please tell us, in the “Special Instructions” section of the order placement process, where that location marking object is located. We will gladly install the sign post where requested if you clearly mark the location before the installer arrives at the address AND if it does not interfere with underground utilities or public right-of-ways.

Can I have the post relocated if I don't like where it is placed?

We will install the sign post where you want it to be placed, if you clearly mark the location before the installer arrives at the address.


If the desired location for the sign post is not marked, and you or your client asks for the post to be relocated at the same address, Sign PostMan® will assess a “Trip Charge” – if we have to come back to move the post; OR a “Relocation Charge” – if, while we are there doing the initial installation and have completed the install, we are asked to change the post’s location.


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What Should I Do If There Is An Underground Sprinkler System And/Or Electric Dog Fence Located On The Property?

Since there is no way for our sign post installers to determine where an underground sprinkler system or electric dog fence is located, the agent is required to specify an exact spot for the sign post to be located. Sign PostMan® accepts no responsibility for damage to underground facilities. Locating and marking such facilities is not the responsibility of Sign PostMan®.

Should I Call 811 Before Placing A Sign Post Installation Order?

As part of our service Sign PostMan® will contact Sunshine State One Call of Florida for the identification of any underground utilities. Neither Sign PostMan® nor its subcontractors accepts responsibility for damage to unmarked underground facilities.


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I Am A New Agent, Can You Make Sign Panels For Me?

Sorry, but we do not design and print sign panels. Our service consists of quickly and professionally installing our sign posts for your sign panels.

What Size Sign Panels Should I Order?

The following guidelines are provided so that you get the longest lasting signs panels when you order from your printer. Your panel size should not be wider than 30″ and 30″ in height. Space the top holes 19″ apart. The inside diameter of the top mounting holes should be about 1/2″ and located about 3/8″ from top edge of the panel. We recommend all holes in the top and bottom of your signs have grommets (brass liners that make holes stronger). The grommets will nearly double the life of your signs because they protect the sign mounting hole from tearing out easily. To hang any riders you have, the inside diameter of your sign’s bottom holes should not be less than 5/16″.

How Can I Get My Sign Panels To You For Storage?

You have several options:


1. You can have them shipped to us at:


Sign PostMan®, LLC
1615 Sir Henry’s Trail
Lakeland, FL 33809


2. We can pick your sign panels up (five sign minimum) from your home or real estate office or a Lakeland area printer. Please e-mail us at tim@signpostman.com to make arrangements for pick up.

Please make sure you carefully review and approve your sign proof. Sign PostMan® assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the sign printing order.

How many sign panels should I store with you?

For real estate agents we recommend at least a minimum of five sign panels. If you are a big listing agent, you will obviously need more panels. We can not guarantee a sign panel will be installed at a property on the same day that the panel is removed from a different property. This is due to the fact that Sign PostMan® has multiple installers working multiple installation areas, and the same installer may not complete both the removal and the next installation of your sign panel. Please allow at least two business days to complete a removal and two business days to complete the install.


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Do you install mailboxes with vinyl posts?

Yes we do! E-mail us (tim@signpostman.com) the address and phone number of the person to contact and we will contact them and work out a price.

Do you install directional signs?

No. We have found that it is best for the agent to install directional signs. This is due to the fact that directional signs often quickly disappear, and we don’t always go to a property via the same streets that the agent would like the directional signs posted.

What occurs if a sign or post falls down?

We guarantee our post and workmanship for 45 days from the date of installation. There is no additional charge to service the post within that time frame. Posts that have been up longer than 45 days will incur a service call charge to re-install.

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